29th November 2020

Mixed Triples

Another hot day, another hot Championship Final – this one the Mixed Triples Final: taken out today by Karen McCann, Chris Cadman & Dale Maitland, defeating Yvonne Scorer, Sue Vindin & Graeme Drabsch

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results


28th November 2020

Singles & Pairs Action

A Senior Singles QF game this morning, Saturday, followed by the 2 SFS in the afternoon, along with the Mixed Pairs Final

Mixed Pairs Final

Congrats to Kerry Wallace & Bob Smart, triumphant over Chris Cadman & Dale Maitland, through hot action & on a very hot day


Senior Singles Endurance

Now the Final awaits, with an arranged date/time of Friday, 4 December, at 1pm


Refer all Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results – & as always, watch for game updates/news on the noticeboard


27th November 2020

Presentation Day

It’s on again, as below (or refer Presentation Day page)


25th November 2020 (23:00)

Updates Galore…

4 items for your pleasure? 3 Championship updates & a Calendar revision…

Handicap Pairs

Congratulations to Craig Mitchell & Dale Maitland, defeating Grant Bowry & Peter Newman, 25-21


Triples SFs Completed

Now we’re ready for the Final, set down for Thursday, 3 Dec, 5:30pm

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results – & watch for game updates/news on the noticeboard


2021 Major Fours

Yes, the draw is out & we’re due to start Sunday, 6 Dec, 1pm

Refer Draw/Results in 2021 Championship Results – & watch for game updates/news on the noticeboard


2021 Bowls Calendar correction

Refer Bowls Calendar page

(That’s all for tonight folks!)


25th November 2020

Singles & Triples Happenings

Last weekend was busy, with Senior Singles on Saturday & Sunday & then Mixed Triples on the Sunday

(“slight technical glitch” delayed this posting – if you were wondering)

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results – & watch for game updates/news on the noticeboard

…and get ready for another busy time coming up –


21st November 2020

Senior Singles Status

All Round 2 games completed today. 3 out of 4 QFs tomorrow (one affected by Mixed Triples SFs having precedence)

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results – & watch for game updates/news on the noticeboard


18th November 2020

Mixed Triples & Handicap Pairs Updates

Two evenings, two Championships; moving along?

Mixed Triples catch-up game yesterday, now ready for the SFs coming up Sunday, 22 November, 1pm

Handicap Pairs SFs despatched tonight, the Final on schedule for Wednesday, 25 November, 5:30pm

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results


15th November 2020 (21:45 & 23:45)

Senior Singles Progress

Round 1 games completed over the weekend, with a Saturday & Sunday split round

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results

Note: Games for Round 2 also need to be split, for am & pm starts to ensure all games can be played on the grass green – on Saturday 21 November (listing below now adjusted, was showing 22nd November!)



15th November 2020

Extreme Weather Guidelines

Words from Andrew, that “our club has accepted the Bowls NSW Extreme Weather Guidelines & there is a copy on the noticeboard”

Accordingly, there is now a copy within the Notices page


14th November 2020

2021 Calendar & CoP

Release of new documents for 2021

Bowls Calendar

Hills Club CoP


13th November 2020

2020 Triples Progress

Heading now to the SFs (set down for Thursday, 19th November at 5:30pm?)

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results


11th November 2020

Handicap Pairs update

QFs all done…

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results


8th November 2020

CoCC Singles & Mixed Triples

Two updates –

Zone CoCC Singles

Well done to Dale Maitland, runner-up in the Zone 10 CoCC Singles


Mixed Triples progress

A few QFs resolved…

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results


7th November 2020 (22:00)

Zone CoCC Pairs

Congratulations to the team of Harold Mills & Dale Maitland, winners in the 2020 Zone 10 CoCC Pairs


7th November 2020

2020 Handicap Pairs

Bit late (seeing it started some time ago) but here’s the “Major Minor Handicap Pairs” status… (perhaps we were testing to see who reads the website?)

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results

Running to schedule; QFs being played Wednesday, 11th November at 5:30pm


6th November 2020 (21:00)

MWP Teams & Senior Singles Draw

Two items –

MidWeek Pennant Selections

Team selections are now advised for the Round 6 games on 11th November 2020

Refer – 2020 Zone MWP page


2020 Senior Singles

Championship Draw now completed, refer 2020 Championship Results

The Senior Singles Championship gets underway with a split round 1, to be held Saturday & Sunday, November 14-15 at 1pm.

Check out the noticeboard for your Marker &/or game slot(s).


6th November 2020

Zone 10 Seniors Interzone Trials

Congrats to Graeme, Uwe, Bob, Warren, Dale & Peter


31st October 2020

Weekend Update

A bit of action today! Saturday saw the culmination of the Minor Singles Championship, a Mixed Pairs SF game  & with the team of Harold Mills & Dale Maitland winning through to the Zone CoCC Pairs SFs.


Minor Singles Final

Congratulations to Peter Farrell, winning the 2020 Minor Singles from Byron Hoad 31-21.

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results


Mixed Pairs Progress

The remaining SF completed today, with Kerry Wallace & Bob Smart defeating Vin-Hoa & Ross Channell 20-19. We now await the Final, once Chris Cadman & Dale Maitland are available.

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results


29th October 2020

MidWeek Pennant Selections

Team selections are now advised for the Round 5 games on 4th November 2020

Refer – 2020 Zone MWP page


28th October 2020

Triples Update

Heading now to the QFs…

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results


25th October 2020

Weekend Happenings?

Well, not much really. Saturday saw a Mixed Pairs QF game completed (Kerry Wallace & Bob Smart defeated Dianne Travota (sub for Hayley Turk) & Mike Brown 28-10) & Dale Maitland won through to the Zone CoCC Singles SFs – but nothing happened Sunday. Now for the rescheduling…


23rd October 2020

Pennant Matters

All Pennants Matter! – so today we give you the MWP Rd4 Team Selections & Notification about 2021 Pennants


MidWeek Pennant Selections

Team selections are now advised for the Round 4 games on 28th October 2020

Refer – 2020 Zone MWP page


2021 Pennant Participation EoI

A listing is now on the noticeboard for 2021 Pennant Season Intending Players to nominate their “expression of interest” in participating.

  • To help planning of the Pennant season, please indicate y0ur availability – before Monday, 30th November 2020
  • Season expected to start 6th March 2021


22nd October 2020

Triples & Roll-Ups

Two items today; the draw for the 2020 Triples & revised procedures for Roll-Ups

2020 Triples

Championship Draw now completed, refer 2020 Championship Results

Scheduled dates of play:

Rd 1                         Wednesday 28th October, 5:30pm

QF                            Thursday 5th November, 5:30pm

SF                             Thursday 12th November, 5:30pm

Final                       Thursday 19th November, 5:30pm

Roll-Up Procedures

The Hills Club procedures for Roll-Ups are revised, refer Roll-Ups page (with changes pictured below)


20th October 2020

Zone Senior Pairs

Congratulations/commiserations to Warren Heden & Dale Maitland, runners-up in the 2020 Zone 10 Senior Pairs


18th October 2020

Mixed Triples Update

Two Rd1 games completed today; the catch-up Rd1 game next Sunday, along with the QFs

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results


17th October 2020

Mixed Pairs Update

Two QFs completed today; more progress next Saturday & the SFs

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results


15th October 2020 (17:00)

MidWeek Pennant Selections

Team selections are now advised for the Round 3 games on 21st October 2020

Refer – 2020 Zone MWP page


15th October 2020

Greens & Calendar News

Action on (1) the Greens front & (2) 2021 Bowls Calendar ramifications? (with the Fours played early)

(Refer “Green Renovations” info on Notices page)



2021 Major Fours

Entry forms now on the noticeboard

Closing date: Thursday 26th November 2020

Scheduled dates of play:

Rd 1                         Sunday 6th December, 1pm

QF                            Wednesday 9th December, 5:30pm

SF                             Saturday 12th December, 1pm

Final                       Sunday 13th December, 1pm


13th October 2020

Noticeboard update

Words from Andrew…

10th October 2020

Mixed Pairs Progress

Rounds 1 & 2 all completed today so now we head into the QFs

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results


7th October 2020

Club Structure

Ken asks, “How can I help my club?”. Good question, read on – Chairperson update – 6 October 2020


3rd October 2020

Catching up?

Three topics to cover so pay attention; Minor Singles, Mixed Pairs & Triples draws, New games (Triples, Handicap Pairs, Senior Singles) entry notices.

2020 Minor Singles news

Second SF played today & Byron Hoad prevailed over Ron Moye 31-24

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results

Minor Singles Final date/time TBA.


2020 Mixed Pairs

Championship Draw now completed, refer 2020 Championship Results

Scheduled dates of play:

Rd 1                          Saturday 10th October, 9am

Rd 2                          Saturday 10th October, 1pm

QF                             Saturday 17th October, 1pm

SF                             Saturday 24th October, 1pm

Final                       Saturday 31st October, 1pm


2020 Mixed Triples

Championship Draw now completed, refer 2020 Championship Results

Scheduled dates of play: (adjusted due to Zone Pairs precedence)

Rd 1                         Sunday 18th October, 1pm

Rd 2                        Sunday 25th October, 1pm

SF                             Sunday 1st November, 1pm

Final                       Sunday 8th November, 1pm




2020 Triples entries

Entry forms now on the noticeboard

Closing date: Tuesday 20th October, 5pm

Scheduled dates of play:

Rd 1                         Wednesday 28th October, 5:30pm

QF                            Thursday 5th November, 5:30pm

SF                             Thursday 12th November, 5:30pm

Final                       Thursday 19th November, 5:30pm


2020 Handicap Pairs entries

Entry forms now on the noticeboard

Closing date: Tuesday 27th October, 5pm

Scheduled dates of play:

Rd 1                         Wednesday 4th November, 5:30pm

QF                            Wednesday 11th November, 5:30pm

SF                             Wednesday 18th November, 5:30pm

Final                       Wednesday 25th November, 5:30pm


2020 Senior Singles entries

Entry forms now on the noticeboard

Closing date: Thursday 5th November, 5pm

Scheduled dates of play:

Rd 1 (Split round)             Saturday 14th November, 1pm

Rd 1 (Split round)              Sunday 15th November, 1pm

Rd 2                                          Saturday 21st November, 1pm

QF                                             Sunday 22nd November, 1pm

SF                                              Saturday 28th November, 1pm

Final                                        Saturday 5th December, 1pm


That’s it for today! – & note that the games above are the last championships for the year! Don’t miss out!


1st October 2020

Minor Singles Status

Two games completed during the week. The last QF was decided with Ron Moye winning over Sid Cummins 31-11 & today saw Peter Farrell victorious in the first SF vs Andrew McPherson 31-21.

Now we wait for the other SF on Saturday from 1pm between Byron Hoad & Ron Moye.

Minor Singles Final date/time TBA.


27th September 2020

Minor Singles Progress

Round 2 was wrapped up in the morning & then three-quarters of the Quarter Finals got played out in the afternoon.

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results

What happens next is complicated & will need close attention to the club noticeboard. (ie games can only be scheduled over the long weekend “by arrangements”. At this stage it looks like being: remaining QF next Wednesday, SFs next Thursday & Saturday?)


26th September 2020

Minor Singles Update

Round 1 completed this morning & then Round 2 (Split round) undertaken this afternoon.

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results

Games for Sunday, 27th September – as below


20th September 2020 (14:30)

MidWeek Pennant Selections

Team selections are now advised for the Round 1 games on 7th October 2020

Refer – 2020 Zone MWP page


20th September 2020

Minor Singles Rescheduling

Too wet today & all games cancelled

Rescheduled dates of play:

Rd 1                                  Saturday 26th September, 9am

Rd 2 Split round            Saturday 26th September, 1pm

Rd 2 Split round            Sunday 27th September, 9am

QF                                     Sunday 27th September, 1pm

SF                                      Saturday 3rd October, 1pm

Final                                 Sunday 4th October, 1pm

Championship Draw as published earlier, refer 2020 Championship Results


19th September 2020

2020 Minor Pairs

Congratulations to the winning team of Ian Haggarty & David Smith, successful over Peter Farrell & Eamon McElduff.

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results


17th September 2020

Social Bowls Schedule tweak (#4?)

Following Ken Carroll’s email yesterday on the subjects of Uniforms (no change at present) & Friday Bowls participation (Men only), the Schedule page is adjusted/reverted.

Refer – Social Bowls Weekly Schedule


13th September 2020

Minor Pairs Finalists decided

The Minor Pairs SFs were battled out today & it’s Team McElduff/Farrell versus Team Smith/Haggarty for the Final. Six months in the making, since Round 1, & now the Final is set down for Saturday, 19th September, at 1pm.

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results


12th September 2020

2020 Major Singles

The Major Singles Championship Final was resolved today, with Dale Maitland defeating Warren Heden by 31 shots to 29.

Before the rain delay the August 9 Final had Warren leading Dale 19-18. Today it was another high quality, see-sawing affair, this time with Dale having the advantage over Warren. (Two in a row for Dale; both the same scores. Thanks Ken, Peter & Andrew & all spectators.)

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results



11th September 2020

2020 Minor Singles

Championship Draw now completed, refer 2020 Championship Results

5 games required for Round 1. Split Round 2 to be played, due to Marker requirements.




7th September 2020

Mixed Pairs & Triples now on the noticeboard

Entry forms now on the noticeboard for –

2020 Mixed Pairs

Closing date: Thursday 1st October

Scheduled dates of play:

Rd 1                          Saturday 10th October, 1pm

Rd 2                         Saturday 17th October, 1pm

SF                             Saturday 24th October, 1pm

Final                       Saturday 31st October, 1pm


2020 Mixed Triples

Closing date: Thursday 1st October

Scheduled dates of play:

Rd 1                         Sunday 11th October, 1pm

Rd 2                        Sunday 18th October, 1pm

SF                             Sunday 25th October, 1pm

Final                       Sunday 1st November, 1pm


5th September 2020

2020 Major Pairs

A very high standard game where the Old Guns managed to get up over the Young Guns. Congratulations to the winning team of Harold Mills & Dale Maitland, successful over Peter Farrell & Perry Neckerauer.

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results



4th September 2020

Social Bowls Schedule tweaking (ver. 3)

Andrew has requested some adjustments –

  • Friday Bowls to be “Open” participants
  • All “Mixed” participations now shown as “Open”
  • Attires updated (eg your “Creams” can be reserved for Roll-ups?)

Refer page – Social Bowls Weekly Schedule


30th August 2020

Weekend Pairs games completed

Following Saturday’s Major Pairs SFs & the two QF games on Sunday, Draw/Results updates are posted in 2020 Championship Results

Refer yesterday’s posting for information on the expected date for the Major Pairs Final. Details for the continuing Minor Pairs games to be advised.


29th August 2020

Major Pairs update

Both SFs conducted today (sorry, “technical delay” in updating the Draw/Results page, probably Sunday?) & the only update is about the Final…


26th August 2020

Pairs games this weekend

Andrew advises that major (& minor?) negotiations have been undertaken & by mutual arrangements the Major Pairs SFs will now take place on this Saturday afternoon – & tw0 of the Minor Pairs QFs will entertain you on Sunday afternoon. (Special thanks to Zone10 for postponements?)

The Majors…

& the Minors…



19th August 2020

“Local Bowling only”?

Coronavirus happenings have seen BowlsNSW suspending State Championship play at Zone levels for 6 weeks from today, Wednesday 19th August.

For all information refer BowlsNSW website document – BowlsNSW Coronavirus Updates

To summarise:

  • Zone 10 State Singles postponed until Saturday 10th October
  • Zone 10 State Pairs now proposed to start Sunday 11th October & continuing to Saturday & Sunday, 17th & 18th October
  • Zone 10 Mid-Week Pennants now proposed to start Wednesday, 7th October


Clubs are encouraged to continue with their Club Championships during this period


14th August 2020 (23:00)

Availability of Roll-Ups

The Hills Club website now includes information on Roll-Up availability, requirements & scheduling. The Bowling website is updated with a new Roll-Ups page, which is also pictured below:

8th August 2020

Friday Bowls

From next Friday, 14th August, Ian & Scott Haggarty are kicking in some prize money – $40 team prize for winning team & $40 rink prize for margin draw. Due to Coronavirus complications, all Friday Bowls formats are changed – refer the Friday Bowls page for all details.


7th August 2020

2020 Minor Singles

Entry form now on the noticeboard

Closing date: Thursday 10th September

Scheduled dates of play:

Rd 1 Split round       Sunday 20th September, am & pm

Rd 2                             Saturday 26th September, am

QF                               Saturday 26th September, pm

SF                               Sunday 27th September, am

Final                           Sunday 27th September, pm


23rd July 2020

Updated Bowls Calendar

Refer the Revised Bowls Calendar – for the remainder of 2020

With some apologies from Andrew –
  • “Rather crammed” due to the loss of 18 weeks?
  • May need adjustments eg Mixed Pairs & Mixed Triples scheduled during the State Championships but State precedence needed for any participants?
  • Some night games will need to be scheduled during DST?
  • Unfortunately, no room for Mixed Fours, Rookies & Novices games!
(Fingers crossed)


11th July 2020

Bowls Updates (for a change?)

Lots of info below but first a summary:

  • Bowls is back
  • The Covid Rules
  • Social bowls time changes
  • Interim Bowls Calendar
  • Memberships due
  • Major Singles & Pairs entries now open
  • Minor Pairs update


Bowls is back at The Hills from Tuesday, 14th July

The Covid Crisis has given us some new rules to comply with.

ie To enter into any Hills Club social games, rollups, club championships or tournaments, all players are required to read the Corona Virus Requirements (as posted on the noticeboard & on the website) & agree to these conditions

Refer the Notices page to view the requirements


Social Bowls times have had some changes

To accommodate the opening hours of the club & to assist our volunteer greenkeepers, for morning games you are requested to arrive at the club no earlier than 10 am

Start times for all morning Social games now to be 10:30 am

ie Tuesday – Ladies Day – (tbc)

Wednesday – Men

Thursday – Mixed

Friday – Men – NEW START TIME

Sunday – Mixed

Refer the Social Bowls Weekly Schedule page


Bowls Calendar updated, refer the Interim Bowls Calendar – covering the next few months


Memberships now due, to be paid before 1st August

The membership charge is $350 pro rata for the year until end of May 2021. See the flyer on the noticeboard.


  • The current Rollup bookings online & charging will continue under the end of July
  • Social games are free from the 14th July recommencement.


Minor Pairs Update

QFs are scheduled for Sunday, 13th September

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results


(That’s all for now folks)


2nd July 2020

Activity news?

Uwe has noted the latest BowlsNSW update ie BowlsNSW Coronavirus Updates & advises…

“Great news! From 1st July 2020, rules have been relaxed so we are now allowed to play Triples and Fours. We will still need to be mindful of social distancing and keeping our “tools of our trade” sanitised. A COVID plan is being prepared and will be displayed on the Club’s  Bowls notice board when completed. More information next week so, until then, stay tuned and stay safe.”

Talking of the noticeboard, Andrew has put up some news about the Midweek Pennants & so check out his outline (as below) & add your name to his “expression of interest form” when you’re at the Club & perusing the noticeboard.


29th June 2020

New Start Date for Bowls?

A few words from Uwe. . .

“Our Bowls Start Date – Now scheduled for Tuesday 14th July 2020. With the club to open on 1st July 2020, the intended start date has had to be deferred for 1 week.

Start times for morning social bowls are likely to change, as our volunteers that are preparing greens for play may not start their activities until about 8:30am, weather permitting. More on this during the week-ending 10th July.

When bowls restarts, the club will be following the recommendations of the respective bowls associations by adhering to the “4 people per rink” rule. At this stage, it means that Triples and Fours games will be suspended.

When you are at the club (from Wednesday, 1st July), check out the new surrounds and just as importantly check out the notice board for events coming up and other information.

The garden party volunteers have been doing a fantastic job ensuring that the grounds look superb. From 14th July the greens will be cut twice a week and rolled each day that bowls are played. 

Things can change quickly, so we will keep you informed with new information as it comes to hand. In the meantime, stay tuned and stay safe.”


23rd June 2020

Getting ready for us?

Andrew reports that he’s posting Zone Singles & Pairs info & entry forms on the noticeboard for when the club opens on July 1. See below for a sneak preview:


15th June 2020

Photo Pages Updated

Updates to 2020 Comp Photos gallery (more like Non-Comp photos?) & a new 2020 Extracurricular Photos gallery for “other things?”


13th June 2020

Extra news…

Here’s the latest words from Uwe,

Today, it has been announced that up to 20 people will be allowed on each green for roll ups. This is certainly great news. Nearly back to normal. The club’s booking system will need some modification to allow for the change in legislation so please be patient while this is being attended to. Meanwhile, stay safe and stay tuned for further updates.”

Yes, hot off the press from our mates at BowlsNSW – ie BowlsNSW Coronavirus Updates – & they’ve also said,

from today, 13 June 2020, Lawn Bowls has been granted permission to participate in organised matches this includes social & competition matches

So many updates, they just keep coming! Get those roll ups going & watch for the next episode verrry sooon?


11th June 2020

All the Updates . . .

From the Development front, some words from Ken – Chairperson Update 10 June 2020

Bowling matters from Uwe again,

“The Government has announced that community sports for all ages will be able to resume organised matches from 1 July 2020. This is great news! However, we do not yet know what rules will apply with regards to social distancing, etc. Once these have been announced by the respective bowling authorities then they will be posted on the web site. The Club Ltd is planning on opening doors for trading on Monday 29th June 2020 and, as there have been significant changes within the club, it is envisaged that competitive social bowls may commence on Tuesday 7th July 2020.

On another note, a big THANK YOU to all the volunteers that have been looking after the gardens and preparing the greens.

It was good to see so many bowlers rolling up over the last few days. Smiles all round! With social distancing being important since the relaxing of rules, one bowler, who was rolling up, was heard to say that even his bowls were practising social distancing…… getting nowhere near the jack!

Until next time, keep an eye on this page and stay safe.“

Angus has some renovation updates on Facebook, check out – The Hills Club

Uwe is also having fun with the Bowls Facebook page, see – Hills Bowling Club


4th June 2020

More wise words from Uwe,

“Bowls NSW are expecting a resumption of competition from 1st August and have published a revised bowls program for the remainder of the calendar year. Zone 10 have also issued a revised program. The Hills Club intends to open its doors on 29th June 2020 to patrons under strict guidelines. However, this DOES NOT mean that bowls, social or competition, will be back in full operation. A lot will depend on the Government’s position with regards to social distancing in sporting events. For the time being, the use of greens will be restricted to roll ups only and only when booked online using the Club’s booking system. As more information comes to hand it will posted on this page as soon as possible. Stay tuned and stay safe.”

Anyone else out there? Got something for our website? Send us an email to


2nd June 2020

Yes, confirmed, it’s gone for 2020.

2020 Pennants being cancelled for Zone 10 is the “short story” from this BowlsNSW Remainder of 2020 Season document

Some points?

  • No Zone or State events until at least 1st August
  • Many Championships rescheduled
  • A revised 2020 Season Calendar contained within

Lots of info, happy reading!

Hills Club involvement coming sooon . . .  Stay Safe


29th May 2020

Hills Club News Update

Another update from Angus, see –  Hills Club Update – 29 May 2020  – on the website – The Hills Club

Along with the above, Uwe’s message is that –

Bowls roll ups will be allowed from Wednesday 3rd June. At this stage, roll ups will only be allowed Tuesday through Friday and will be under the supervision of Club employees. Subject to weather and grass conditions, the greens will be open from 10am to 4pm.  Access to the greens is available by booking a rink online. This will be the only way to get access to the greens for a roll up. Please do not turn up and expect to gain access at any time.

When booking, you will be required to acknowledge that you have read the Policy Document and that you are aware of your responsibilities. To secure your spot on the green a fee of $8 per rink for 2 people will be charged at the time of booking. The booking system is now live and can be accessed via the Hills Club Ltd website, under Bowling, by selecting/clicking on “Bookings”.

Please also note that all greens will only be maintained once a week on Monday by volunteers and that roll ups on Green 2 will only be allowed in an East-West direction.”

Wo0hoo, some good news for those able to get going? Just remember,  Stay Safe


22nd May 2020

Hills Club Updates

The Hills Club website – The Hills Club – has an update from Angus – see Hills Club Update 22 May 2020

Also, something bowls-related from Uwe, direct to the Editor –

“We are targeting Tuesday 2nd June to allow our members to roll up on our greens. At this stage, we will have a limit of 10 bowlers per green, however, this could change following today’s announcement by the State Government. The Club is waiting for an official ruling from the respective Bowls authorities before changes to the maximum number of bowlers per green is changed. As soon as the Club knows, that information will be posted on the website.

For a bowling member to gain access to the greens, one must book via an online booking system. When ready, the link will be available from the Club’s website. The booking system will allow up to two bowlers per rink in 1 hour sessions. It is intended that supervised roll ups will be permitted from 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Friday.  Access to the grass greens will be conditional on weather conditions e.g. if there is rain the night before a roll up, it is possible that the grass greens will be closed. The respective supervisors will make that decision on the day.

Please note that all roll ups will be supervised to ensure that the Club follows the guidelines set down by the State Government. Also note that things may change rapidly so stay tuned.”


14th May 2020

Hills Club News?

They’re active in “The Hills Bunker” & elsewhere & various snippets have surfaced.

If you keep an eye on the BowlsNSW updates ie BowlsNSW Coronavirus Updates then you might have noticed this – Roadmap to Staged Participation

Yesterday, Uwe, our Bowls Director, advised that “Following on from the “Roadmap to Staged Participation” issued by Bowls NSW on 11th May, procedures are being developed so that roll-ups at The Hills Club will be allowed. There are quite a number of things to be considered which include access to the respective locker rooms, greenspace availability, bookings and supervision of the number of bowlers per green. It is anticipated that within 2 week the greens only will be open for roll-ups. As the members’ health and well being is the Club’s major concern during this crisis, our General Manager will determine the roll-up starting date. It should also be noted that the greens, and gardens, are now being looked after by volunteer bowling members with the greens being maintained/prepared once a week until further notice. A big thanks go out to this “Garden Party”.

The Hills Club website – The Hills Club – also seems to be getting some new work so keep watching there too. Recently added was the following – Chairperson Update 12 May 2020

Lots happening, Please Stay Safe


6th May 2020

Hills Club still active

Yes, the Board & Management are working at getting our Bowling back on. Refer the page below from the HDBC website for progress:

Hills Club update – 6th May 2020


30th April 2020

ALL Hills Club greens will remain Closed until further notice

Today’s BowlsNSW update (linked below) indicates some possible “easing of restrictions“, however the Board & Management have to assess the announcement & so for now the Club’s position that “all greens remain closed” is unchanged.

BowlsNSW Coronavirus Updates

Please Stay Safe


30th April 2020

Vale: Ron Shelton – April 2020

Per Uwe, Chairman of Bowls, “I’ve received some sad news, Ron Shelton passed away last week. Ron, one of our esteemed past members, played bowls at The Hills for many years before retiring.

For other happenings, keep in mind that our Notices page includes a MailTo link for “email to the editor”.

ie Got something for our website? Send us an email to


3rd April 2020

ALL Hills Club greens will remain Closed until further notice

That’s the message as indicated via our Chairman of Bowls, ie “Although there are whispers around that it is OK to play bowls with strict rules in place, there is no change to the club’s stance on access to the greens at the Hills. ALL greens will remain closed until further notice.”

The “whispers” are probably all addressed through the BowlsNSW website updates, following various statements from Clubs NSW regarding the permissibility of Golf & Bowls activities under “Social Distancing” rules. Worth reading the link below, & keeping up with their updates about what’s happening & when (or NOT, as the case may be during these serious times?).

BowlsNSW Coronavirus Updates


26th March 2020

Message from Angus

As per –

Hills Club Closure Update – 26 March 2020


23rd March 2020

Update to Club closure

The Hills Club Chairman of Bowls advises that ALL greens are closed until further notice.

ie Roll ups NOT permitted


22nd March 2020, 23;30

Club announcements on closure to suit Coronavirus lockdowns


Hills Club website update –

Hills Club FaceBook Post – 22 Mar 2020


20th March 2020

Further updates from Club Management

Hills Club Operations Update – 20 March 2020

Hills Club Coronavirus update – 19 March 2020

The above information also appears on “the other Hills Club website” ie the Licensed Club at which ought to be your first port of call for Club Management updates. To keep you informed, this website will also be updated asap.


News from the noticeboard

– but keep checking at the club – you never know. . .


Updates to other pages

The Achievements & 2020 Comp Photos have very recently been updated. (Hopefully more activity soon?)


17th March 2020

Immediate suspension of all Hills Club Bowls events

As advised by the Hills Club Management –

Please be notified that NSW Bowls have announced that all bowls will be suspended indefinitely due to coronavirus. Our Club Board and Management are committed to keeping the club operations functioning as usual despite bowls at this point being suspended. We will keep you updated as appropriate. 

BowlsNSW announcement of indefinite Bowls suspension

BowlsAustralia recommendation of immediate suspension of all Bowls events

Hills Club Coronavirus Issue Update


16th March 2020

Email link not working to advise your availability for Pennant Selection?

Check out the Notices page for a fix to a Windows10 issue. (If that doesn’t work, maybe email to the News Editor address mentioned on the Notices page?)


16th March 2020

Pennant Selections Rd 5

Heading for Pennants Rd 5 & we have the selections for the Grade Sides (& Pennant Cup team) for the games this weekend, Saturday 21st March 2020 . . .

(& as usual, email availability setup to save that trip to the noticeboard)

Refer – 2020 State Pennants


16th March 2020

Minor Pairs update

Round 1 completed Sunday, 15th March. Now on to the QFs next Wednesday, 18th March 6pm.

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results


Pennants Washout dates

Pennant games on Saturday, 14th March that were stopped due to weather, are scheduled to be completed on Sunday, 19th April at 9:30am.


Pennants Results for Rd 4

Well done for grade 4, soldiering through the rain at Pennant Hills. Unfortunately not successful with a win but at least they’ll have Sunday, 19th April free, when everyone else has to be playing, starting 9:30am.

Refer – 2020 State Pennants


2020 Mixed Triples

Entry form now on the noticeboard

Closing date: Wednesday 15th April

Schedule dates of play:

Rd 1     Sunday 26th April, 9am

QF        Sunday 26th April, 1pm

SF         Sunday 31st May, 9am

Final    Sunday 31st May, 1pm


13th March 2020

Zone 10 Pairs

Entry forms are on the noticeboard for the Zone 10 Open, Senior & Reserve Pairs competition.

Dates of play are 30 & 31 May, with Finals scheduled for 4 July.

Closing date: Thursday, 2 April 2020


11th March 2020


And, it’s on again…

See full details & entry form in – Tournaments


10th March 2020

Seniors Interzone underway today at Olds Park

Good luck Warren, Uwe, Peter & Dale


9th March 2020

Pennant Selections Rd 4

Once again, here we are with the selections for the Grade Sides for the games this weekend, Saturday 14th March 2020 . . .

(& don’t forget the email availability to save that trip to the noticeboard)

Refer – 2020 State Pennants


8th March 2020

Hills Club Pennants Results

Some of us were in action today, Sunday & our Round 3 grade results are now up on the Pennants page (all 3 up, 3 grades with byes).

Refer – 2020 State Pennants


7th March 2020

Hills Club Pennants Results

Our season progresses & our Round 2 grade results are now up on the Pennants page (3 up, 2 down & a draw). Also (again) successful was the Pennant Cup team, defeating Dundas at Merrylands.

Refer – 2020 State Pennants


5th March 2020, 15:25

Tonight’s Thursday Bowls?

Sorry, regret to say Twilight Bowls cancelled tonight (but I suppose  most of you guessed already?)

Oh, & it seems it’s also too wet for the Seniors’ practice match tonight at NBC. Shame, they probably needed the work prior to the Seniors Interzone next week (Tuesday to Thursday, March 10-12) at Olds Park BC, Beverley Hills (Good luck to Dale Maitland, Bob Smart, Warren Heden, Peter Eagle & Uwe Bendt.)


5th March 2020

2020 Minor Pairs

The Minor Pairs draw now done. Refer: 2020 Championship Results

As advised earlier, schedule dates of play:

Rd 1     Sun 15th March, 1pm

QF       Wed 18th March, 6pm

SF        Sun 29th March, 1pm

Final   Sun 5th April, 1pm


28th February 2020

2020 State Pennants

Are we ready? Are you ready? One more sleep! If you survive your Pennants game then don’t forget the Pennants party!…


20th February 2020

Pennant Launch

Team selections now up for the Pennant Launch Day. (Sorry, no availability email setup for this one; Just be there!)

Refer – 2020 State Pennants


20th February 2020

Hills Club CoP

New version of 2020 Hills Club Conditions of Play – essential pre-game (or bedtime) reading?

Refer – Hills Club CoP


16th February 2020

Zone 10 Pennant Draws

The Pennant Draws are now included, refer – 2020 State Pennants


Zone 10 Pennant Cup

Being run in conjunction with the Zone 10 State Pennants games, this new competition is open to any bowler missing out on each week’s Grade Games selections.

Details in – Zone 10 Pennant Cup


15th February 2020

Well done Team Hills

The Hills & Terrigal Shield is retained again

Results in 2020 State Pennants



7th February 2020, 08:30

Friday Bowls cancelled today, greens are lakes…


6th February 2020

2019 Achievements now updated/finalised

Refer – Achievements


3rd February 2020

Welcome Angus, new GM…

The Hills Bowling Club would like to welcome our new General Manager, Angus Rimmer. Angus comes from a strong club industry background and until recently managed Avalon RSL.


31st January 2020 (busy day for updates)

2020 Pennant Trials

Latest news on team selections for the next Trials (Internal & External). . .

. . . ie Selections for the Tuesday evening Internal Trial & an update for the Terrigal Trial

Refer – 2020 State Pennants


31st January 2020, 11:30

Sorry, Friday Bowls today (31st Jan) is a no-go, called off due to heat (“. . . heading to the ‘Danger Zone’ now & only going to get worse?”)


31st January 2020

Pennant Trials & Launch

Noticeboard availability listings need updating for:

  1. Internal Trial – Tuesday 4th Feb, 6pm
  2. External Trial vs Terrigal – Saturday 15th Feb
  3. Pennant Launch – Saturday 22nd Feb

External Trial vs Terrigal

  • Tick your name on the noticeboard
  • Bus departing club 9am sharp
  • If you’re travelling direct, add a “D” when you tick your name on the noticeboard
  • BBQ lunch provided before play starts midday
  • Bus departing Terrigal about 3:30pm

(Miss either Bus & you need to provide your own transport!)



25th January 2020

2020 Over 40s Representation

For the Over 40s bowlers hoping to represent NSW, refer the link below:

However, one little thing before you produce that “Bowls Resume”, please note the need to be

aged 40 or Over AND 59 or Under

Bowls NSW Circular for Over 40s EoI


23rd January 2020

2020 Zone 10 State Senior Interzone

Congratulations to Robert Smart & Dale Maitland, for selection in the 2020 Zone 10 Side for the State Senior Interzone, being run March 10 to 12, 2020 at Olds Park & Grandviews Bowling Clubs. Congratulations also, to Uwe Bendt, Warren Heden & Peter Eagle, selected as Reserves for the Zone 10 Side.


20th January 2020

An apology for Warren Heden, after an “editor’s brain-fade” in listing the wrong winner for the 2019 Ian Haggarty Trophy – refer Friday Bowls


19th January 2020

2020 Major Fours

Congratulations to the winning team of Mike Brown, Warren Heden, Mick Kelly & Dale Maitland, successful over Ray Hall, Bob Smart, Uwe Bendt & Graeme Drabsch in today’s 2020 Major Fours.

Refer Draw/Results in 2020 Championship Results


17th January 2020

Friday Social Bowls back to 12:30pm start – from 31st January 2020

Sorry – as above, another change for when we swap back to 12:30pm start times; now 31st January (ie not 24th, not 17th)

Refer new page for information on Draw Format, “Ian Haggarty” points, etc – Friday Bowls


17th January 2020, 08:45

Sorry, Friday Bowls today is a no-go, called off due to rain


16th January 2020

Zone 10 Pennant Grade info now listed (for the Stats-minded?)

Refer: 2020 State Pennants & 2019 State Pennants

eg  Five more Sides entered this year!


12th January 2020

Pennant Training information now added. Refer – 2020 State Pennants


11th January 2020

Welcome back green #3 (we’ve missed you)

Friday Social Bowls back to 12:30pm start from 24th January


4th January 2020

Website rebuild…

Website rebuilding almost all done (hooray) but some tweaking & new material still required (no names, no pack drill?). The new season operation should see timely updates for all Hills Events (with draws, selections, results & news) – all to ensure our bowlers are well-positioned to achieve maximum performance? (hint, hint?)

We hope our website will be a valued resource for members, as well as provide a positive viewpoint of the club activities for anyone. Any feedback/suggestions are welcome & I’m sure the Bowls Office will handle it suitably?


15th December 2019

2020 Bowls Calendar now available

Refer – Hills Events/Bowls Calendar


13th October 2019

Interzone Representation 2020

If you are interested in nominating for Zone 10 selection for either the Open,Seniors, Veterans, U25’s, or U18’s  please see Andrew in the Bowls Office who will give you the “Link to Nominate”.