(Page updated: 8/11/20)



Zone 10 CoCC Singles

Runner-up – Dale Maitland


Zone 10 CoCC Pairs

Winners – Dale Maitland, Harold Mills


Zone 10 Senior Pairs

Runners-up – Warren Heden, Dale Maitland


Zone 10 Seniors Interzone

Warren Heden, Uwe Bendt, Peter Eagle, Dale Maitland (Bob Smart selected but withdrew)





“Michael Schwarcz Shield”

The Hills Club had 6 Senior Representatives selected for the annual “Michael Schwarcz Shield” match-up between Zones 10 & 15, for both Open & Senior Interzone levels. Congratulations to Warren Heden, Graeme Drabsch, Peter Eagle, Dale Maitland, Uwe Bendt & Robert Smart


Zone 10 Veterans Interzone

Bruce Goldrick, Warren Heden, Bob Smart, Peter Eagle, Graeme Drabsch


NSW Seniors Side (Australian Championship winner)

Dale Maitland


Zone 10 Rookies Singles

Winner – Peter Farrell


Soldiers Point Classic

Dale Maitland

Selections: 2019 Soldiers Point Classic


NSW Legends

Dale Maitland

Selections: 2019 NSW Legends


Zone 10 Seniors Interzone

Warren Heden, Dale Maitland


Zone 10 Senior Triples

Winners – Kevin Furniss, Warren Heden, Dale Maitland

Runners-up – Ray Hall, Peter Eagle, Harold Mills