Friday Bowls

(Page updated: 29/4/21)

The Hills Club Friday “Ian Haggarty-sponsored” social bowls is now a nominated Pairs or nominated-Triples format – introduced from 9 April 2021, as detailed below in the original notice.


No trial ends before the games


Prize format – sponsored by Ian Haggarty

  • Winner of Pairs
  • Winner of Triples

(Winning formula: win 2 games, then best margin, if equal most ends won)


Non-Covid times – (ie “the way we used to play”?)

During our “Coronavirus complications”, some changes were necessary & being hopeful that we’ll revert back one day, the old formats are retained below, as a reminder of what we used to do!

Game format:

  • played over 2 shorter games with winners of game 1 drawn against other winners (with losers playing other losing teams); 4 bowl Pairs, time-limited (13 ends each game maximum)


Draw format:

  • teams will be split between two pools (Pool A & Pool B) based on the sum of 2019 Pennant Grades of team members.
  • teams listed lowest to highest by team points total and a line drawn at middle of list each week to determine both pools.
  • those teams above the line Pool A and those below the line Pool B

Start time: 10:30am – with players requested to be in the club 20mins before start time, to get teams underway no later than 10:30

No trial ends before either game


Prize format:

  • prizes for Winners and Runners-up in each pool (per payment guidelines posted on noticeboard)



  • May be played as “nominated-Triples” format whenever green space is limited (eg greens under maintenance)


Additionally, Ian Haggarty offers quarterly & annual awards for the series point-score leaders; points being accumulated for each player over the season with allocations of:

Win in game 1 +2 points
Win in game 2 +2 points
Draw in game 1 or 2 +1 point each
Loss in game 1 or 2 0 points each
Pool winner +4 points
Pool runner-up +2 points


2019 Winner – Warren Heden