2018 Championships


2018 Programme of Championships

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Major Fours 27th Jan FINAL RESULTS T Bromley, R Hall, R Donaldson, K Carroll T Burnett, R Strothers, M Hickson, P Strothers
Mixed Fours 14th Feb FINAL RESULTS D Phillips, S de la Harpe, D Howard, M Howard J Castles, W Heden, M Wild, D Castles
Minor Singles 4th March DRAW & RESULTS M Fotheringham D Tootill
Major Singles 3rd March DRAW & RESULTS D Phillips B Conway
Major Pairs 29th April DRAW & RESULTS D Phillips, B Conway R Strothers, P Strothers
Minor Pairs 22nd April DRAW & RESULTS B Patton, G Walsh M Fotheringham, R Moffitt
Major Triples 3rd June DRAW & RESULTS D Phillips, B Conway, A Baker S Kerr, M Rogers, M Achten
Senior Singles 1st July DRAW & RESULTS    
Mixed Triples        
Rookie Singles        
Mixed Pairs        
Jun/Sen Hcp Pairs        
Junior Singles        
Handicap Pairs        


Conditions of Play

Please CLICK HERE to see the 2018 Conditions of Play which are applicable to all championship matches.